Monday, May 9, 2016

Proud to be a Native San Franciscan

The past six months (or should I say years living in Dogpatch District) I've been blessed with amazing experiences I had not expected. As some of you know me well enough, I stay active in Dogpatch community since I moved here almost 14 years ago. 

I believe the universe wanted me to live on this side of town in San Francisco before anything was really here.  I thought (and still do) volunteering every year for almost 13 years, is something great to do for the community and the neighborhood I live in. I've seen it grow and grow, almost like a child like where you want to protect it, defend it and let it grow to something so wonderful. Really, it's not me, it's the community that I fed off of over the years because of their passion, drive and determination in protecting this area - Dogpatch Historic District.

Summer 2009, I was elected to be on board of Dogpatch Neighborhood Association as Member Coordinator/Corresponding Secretary. Re-elected last October 2015 for another 2 year term. But in 2009, I did mention to the board let's have a "block party". Then, I was told to go ahead and do it. But it wasn't easy. Then in 2013/2014, I said it again to DNA member and that member Bruce Huie said, ok, let's make it happen. The funny thing is I made it happen. All I needed was some encouragement. 

November 14, 2015 came and that day was the first day I organized my first community block party. Not just any block party, it was DOGPATCH BLOCK PARTY

Dogpatch Block Party was a success!  Again, felt blessed because it wasn't just a block party, it was also a "walk-about" event. I had over 20 participating businesses in Dogpatch neighborhood that provided discounts, drink specials, and even the amazing Golden State Warriors Organization, Pier 70, Piccino's, Longbridge Pizza, Sutton Cellars, Museum Craft & Design and much more. (Click on the Dogpatch Block Party link for more info.)

To my surprise, since Dogpatch Block Party was in conjunction with Mark Dwight's Rickshaw Bagworkds and Dave Warnke's amazing Block Heads Art work there was an Award Ceremony. When my name was announced, I was in shock.  I did not expect it as I knew Dave Warnke and Mark Dwight did a lot to make the block heads art work happen - to beautify our neighborhood. And in realization, so did I but it wasn't just for me. I did it for the community of Dogpatch. My motto for this event is, "for the neighbors, by the neighbors." There have been many different events in our neighborhood yet it wasn't really targeted for us. My event was specifically for the neighbors.  

This past April 2, 2016, I participated in helping the Angel Alley project on Tennessee St., to yet, again, beauty our neighborhood.  It was a ribbon cutting ceremony where our District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen participated and passed out awards. That day, I was volunteering as a photographer for the event when I heard my name. I was surprised again! Malia Cohen said to me, girl you deserve it and yes again. I was thankful and appreciated. 

I am so proud to be not only from San Francisco but to give back to this amazing city that continues to grow! I know our city has issues, but it's beautiful with richness in every corner. 

I thank my neighbors, community of Dogpatch and the City of San Francisco. You can make a difference, too. Take time out to volunteer in something you love. 


Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy New Year - 2016! Yup taking a moment to write (finally) in my Blog! Gosh, I tell you I'm a busy girl - from working full time, volunteering 80%+ of my time to my favorite and awesome community - Dogpatch - running 5k's to two (2!) Half marathons, organizing a neighborhood block party to being my buddy from college maid of honor just two weekends ago. I'm too busy to write in my blog post, plus I make time for my honey sweets - Kyle. :)

I want to say my focus this year in 2016 would be to focus more on my writing and sharing the things I do on a personal level, like blogging where I can write more narrative than just "tweets" or Instagrams, or Tumblr, Google+, etc.  I like to write honestly. I used to write a lot in my journal from daily to every other day to once a week to where it started to dwindle. And I would think about this and be sad and unhappy that I'm not writing! It bothered me and then I learned to be okay with it but in the back end of things, I was still bothered by it. I think the way we live and move around in cities like SF, I sometimes or maybe most of the times feel like I don't have the time. Ugh! Yes it's true! When I sit down, I honestly feel, I am wasting my time than standing and moving around and/or going places like meetings, workshops, more outdoor events. I can sit still but not for long and love love being active. 

I have decided to take this thing called: "MOOC" some of you have heard of it for those of you who are into online courses, read a lot or simply just know. A MOOC is Massive Open Online Course. I have a certificate in one from Stanford University from like two years ago. I started a new class TODAY with Coursera called, "Personal Branding".  I like to stay busy as you know but I do recommend these type of free online courses (you get to receive a certificate if you pay a little fee) to improve oneself. I'm always about improving myself and love to stay in the know of life and education. So this will be something for me to better myself, to help me get to THAT next step of confidence in finding a new job/career! 

And stay tuned for my 8th Annual Oscar Viewing Party that I organize each year! 

In addition, I plan to continue to stay healthy and exercise. Work on my resume and get out there and try! 
That being said, I will leave you with the post I shared via the MOOC class online. This is how I introduced myself to the class. Feel free to write a comment. Share a thought or simply say hola. Wishing you all a healthy and wonderful 2016. Be happy! 

Good day everyone! My name is Vanessa. Born and raised in San Francisco. I live and work in the city. I advise undergraduate students at the Academy of Art University with main focus in Film, Acting, Music, Writing and Multimedia Communications. After 15+ years with the University, I am ready to venture outside into a new job. In addition, I am actively involved in my neighborhood association of over 12 years. I successfully organized a neighborhood block party last November 2015 and received a Certificate of Honor by the City and County of San Francisco - something I'm very proud of. Besides the above, I love photography, some blogging, films, running 5k's to 1/2 marathons.

I'm looking in to taking this course to help me brand myself, to build confidence to help me get that next job that best suits me and my personality.
P.S. Image is in my neighborhood called, Dogpatch (south of Mission Bay, east of Potrero Hill and north of Bayview Hunter's Point) in San Francisco. More fun community events and history visit my Facebook Page: Dogpatch Block Party.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

indogpatch: Dogpatch Warriors has a nice RING to it: Meet you...

Today is a good day! Lot's going on in our beautiful and amazing city! 

I am thrilled to share with you my friend and neighbor Scott R. Kline blog post hot out of the press today! 

I'm humming in my head: I am a Warrior! Hahaha

Kidding aside...I am a proud San Franciscan. I really do enjoy being involved in my community, active, support my fellow neighbors and business folks because without the above, nothing will get done. We work together no matter what our differences are. The common goal is to communicate to make things happen. Therefore, I am in support of our Bay Area Team to move to Mission Bay or like some like to call it: Dogpatch Flats! People will want to explore this side of town and perhaps move here, too! After all, we are a CITY where things are moving and shaking all the time. 

Enjoy the read:  indogpatch: Dogpatch Warriors has a nice RING to it: Meet you...: Three Dogpatch residents who support the new Golden State Warriors Arena in Mission Bay pose at the site which is at 16th and 3rd in San F...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Spring Season 2015!

Poem: Eve of Spring Season in San Francisco

     ...birds happily chirp or I'd say they sing and fly around excitingly.

The smell of fresh air, pretty flowers bloom and sun shinning bright in neighborhood.

Runners out running along the embarcadero as I watch them from the Muni T line on my way to work. 

I continue to believe and have hope. I am constantly reminded to be inspired and to inspire. 

Stay proud of who YOU are. 

"To be interested in the changing seasons is . . . a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring." 
— George Santayana

Friday, July 25, 2014

"not a good culture fit"

As a Latina living in San Francisco, you can ask any of my family, friends and neighbors I love social media.

I Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest (not so often yet, have an account), Mixcloud (awesome #DJ tracks) and blog (not too often yet, working on building it). I find myself reading San Francisco Insight under Nation subhead from the SF Sunday Chronicle: "Outsiders can't lean in if they're locked out". (Sunday, July 20, 2014)

It's not a discovery or even a shock but I am appalled Facebook and other high-profile tech companies don't hire more women and people of color. I'm certain these tech companies know very well many different color of folks use all if not one or more of the social media services. I do! I love social media. I love to share my thoughts, ideas, places I've visited to help others trust the establishment/business I just visited. Or even my love for art and culture. Dang! I think of my self diverse and very cultural! How much cultural does one have to be?

In reading this article, it prompt me to write my thoughts because I think it's ridiculous for high profile tech companies NOT to hire people of cultural backgrounds more than white, Asian and men! Women, Latinos, Black and others who love computers, technology, social media are smart and creative.  We have contributed our thoughts, our feedback on places we visit and many other things! I am VERY curious to see and find out how many people of color and women use the popular social media sites? How much has this contributed to the success of these high tech companies? I'm not hating, I'm just saying.

I strongly believe I'm more than just "likable". I can do what a white man and Asians can do because I, too, am "competent, worth higher salaries and more deserving of mentoring"! Train me, train us and the strongest will survive. Trust us! Gain trust if you provide the right tools and training.

I will now enjoy my last night of five here in the beautiful island of Maui, Hawai'i. Yes, I'm on vacation and felt like I had to write my thoughts and tweet to my followers about my new blog post. Until then, Aloha!

July 25, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What is Your Biggest Inspiration?

We're now in the month of April. The rain has stopped in San Francisco and Bay Area. We had some clear skies with beautiful clouds. I asked myself, What is my Biggest Inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is to always be at the pulse of the city I love so much - San Francisco. It is what keeps me alive, young and energetic! 

Really, the true nuts and bolts is I want to own property in San Francisco. I want to be part of this city just like Jack London, Herb Caen, Isadora Duncan or Ansel Adams are known for their work besides being born in San Francisco. (Herb Caen was born in Sacramento, he's still okay)

Bottom line: My inspiration is to continue to write, blog, shoot photography, and help my community and city at large. 

What is your biggest inspiration?