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Glad it's Thursday evening. This week each day has been different.
As my friends know, I'm a 49er fan at heart, yet I love to go to sporting events especially football and baseball. On Monday, NFL celebrated yet another Monday Night Football live broadcast from Oakland, California. Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers and unfortunately, Raiders lost to Chargers 14-22. I wanted Oakland to win since they did pretty bad last season. It appears they look the same. Hopefully this next game on Sunday, they show improvement against the Miami Dolphins.

That was Monday. Tuesday, it was our Dogpatch Neighborhood Association Meeting. I bring my laptop and blog the agenda. I think more and more people come to our DNA meetings as Dogpatch is a hot commodity these days. Big developers coming to build condos, apartments, Kaiser Hospital to be near UCSF (their competition) and other businesses. The meeting is usually held between 7pm-9pm, but it went past 10-15 minutes. I was tired since work has been extremely busy.

Wednesday, I went to a Social Media and Marketing class at the Academy of Art University which meets 7-9:50pm. I think it will be a great class because I will learn more about crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding using social media tools and sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. I'll be talking more about this as this was our first class of the fall semester. We will have to pitch a project in about two weeks and I believe I have finalized my project. I'm sticking to my community because it is what I know comfortably; neighbors, business and home owners just to begin with. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Thursday, this evening I take a class at CCSF downtown campus for a HR Management class. Working on a certificate. Mind you, I'm already exhausted, but I think I got lucky this evening because only 5-6 students showed up to class. I've must have missed the memo but instructor did not come.  I am able to relax a bit yet, here I am blogging.

I miss writing with a pen at hand and journal. I do want to get into the habit of blogging a bit more. I'm tired and should go to bed but here I am. Just moments a ago, I was able to read an article I saved from the NY Times Book Review dated, August 26, 2012.  I will admit, I enjoy reading the Book Review every Sunday morning. The last page in the Dialogue section by M.H. Abrams and Stephen Greenblatt discuss the history of the anthology and the challenges facing the English Literature today.
Why study literature?
I found this discussion interesting. Abrams answers why? "Ha - Why live? Life without literature is a life reduced to penury. It expands you in every way. It illuminates what you're doing. It shows you possibilities you haven't thought of. It enables you to live the lives of other people than yourself. It broadens you, it makes you more human. It makes life enjoyable. There's no end to the response you can make to that question, but Stephen has a few things to add."
Greenbalt answers why? "Literature is the most astonishing technological means that humans have created, and now practiced for thousands of years, to capture experience. For me the thrill of literature involves entering into the life worlds of others. I'm from a particular, constricted place in time, and I suddenly am part of a huge world - other times, other places, other inner lives that I otherwise would have no access to." (An expanded version of this interview is available at

I want share the above because today no one talks about literature. I think people are really into their phones, texting, scoutmob deals or groupons specials, FB'ing, etc., and don't talk about a book they read. 'The Norton Anthology of English Literature' celebrates it's 50th anniversary.
We need to remember to read but also read books that move you. Read books that inspire you. Read books to escape into a story that sweeps you and puts a smile on your face. Read a book that motivates you to react! Read literature to learn. Do something different. Read Literature.

Good night...


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