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BRIDGESTEAMBOAT , a photo by sfmovingroovin on Flickr. This is one of my favorites from this evening shoot along the embarcadero in San Francisco. The rain stopped. Clouds opened up and voila! Happy Holidays! Via Flickr: Sunday. Rain stopped.


FERRYBLDG , a photo by sfmovingroovin on Flickr. Went on a photo shoot this evening. Had a fantastic time. It was a perfect day. Rain had stopped. Took the opportunity to capture good shots. Via Flickr: Love capturing moments.

sfmovingroovin's Wedding Photoshoot

sfmovingroovin's photostream on Flickr. Sharon & Jones Wedding 12.12.12

David Letterman Night

When David Letterman is on TV it means I'm late going to bed. Although I do enjoy watching him because he's funny, quirky and plain silly. And he's got good people coming on to his show. Worked today. 5:30 pm had a meeting in my neighborhood about Pier 70 progress and they need community feedback. I also went to my Social Media & Marketing class. A very busy day. ~vanessa   By the way, the above photograph was taken from the water. I went Kayaking for the first time in the city! It was pretty awesome. This power plant was shut down a couple of years ago. Stay tuned as this area called, Pier 70 is under study and future planning. Don't worry, we'll keep the fascade of these historic buildings.