Season of the Witch: Enchantment, Terror and Deliverance in the City of Love
Wow! This book was a great read! It had me engaged, fear with terror and amazing deliverance!

This city that I love so much, makes me proud where San Franciscans did pull together in the midst of terror, tragedy and triumph! It's not just politics, but it is the people that live here who make SF. The working class, the Pac Heights, the Mission, the diversity is what makes SF amazing! We can't forget the wonderful San Francisco 49ers! They helped San Franciscans to believe change was on it's way after the terror that occurred prior.
It is books like these that fill me with joy, continued optimisim in where we, anyone can make a change and be part of history. History teaches us a lot on how to work together as a city.
Most of you know me where I take pride in this city. I want this city to continue to excel, be part of change and make a difference in my community at large.

I highly encourage you to read this phenomenal book. David Talbot indeed cover his basis and research. Hats off to him considering he was born in Los Angeles. I'll let it slide David Talbott for you calling this city your city. This city belongs to all of us including those that venture out here to make a living and change!



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