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The Word "Frisco"

I finally found evidence in a book about San Francisco's other word usage - "Frisco". Over the years I attempt to tell my brothers, family, friends and others not to use the word "Frisco". First of all it sounds ridiculous, disrespectful to the city of San Francisco and artless. Today, some still use it and it bothers me. 
I did read someplace else years ago that a certain gentleman in the late 1800's or early 1900's this guy would walk around the city and write up citations to those who used the word "Frisco". Now, as I read David Talbott's "Season's of the Witch", a book about San Francisco in the 60's and 70's mentions my point! 
Unfortunately, Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. from Youngstown, Ohio casually referred to the Niners' hometown as "Frisco" - a violation of local custom!
Some of you maybe most of you know I take pride for this beautiful city! 
in Dogpatch District 


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