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Hello!  I must say I believe I just had the MOST busiest weekends of my life! 

First of all, a big THANK YOU to those that showed up this past Friday at TONIC BAR to help me raise funds towards Team Challenge Crohn's & Colitis of America! It was my first time to ever work at a real SF Bar. So privileged to pour drinks to hard working people in the city! Thank you to Dave, Erica, & Kyle who manages the Tonic Bar! I wore open toe platforms for 4 hours +! Yay! 

THEN, next morning at 8:30am ran 7 miles in Golden Gate Park. It was truly THE PERFECT run that morning! Absolutely beautiful!

And THEN, later that afternoon, I volunteered at The Neon Run at Candlestick Park from 5-11pm! Yup! Greeted the NEON RUNNERS at the main entrance! It was fun to see families, kids, adults, seniors and spectators come support their loved ones. I tell ya, this event was fantastic! Everyone was so polite, fun, positive and energetic group of folks! I did wear sneakers so my feet were fine yet tired. My time at the Neon Run was worth it because I earned some funds towards my fundraising goal!

4 weeks remain for me to finish raising funds towards Crohn's & Colitis. Please help me reach my goal. Below is my fundrasing page:

Thank you in advance for your support.





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