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Less Than 3 Weeks Away...

Update on Half-Marathon Napa to Sonoma event!

$1316 remains for me to run the half-marathon. Please help spread my cause for the run to your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. If you love my cause, please help me reach my goal by donating today!

I wish to THANK the following for their kind donation towards Team Challenge Crohn's & Colitis!

  1. Jasmine Barranti - IronManExtraordinaire:
  2. Becky Brewer - Friend & Public Relations
  3. Janet Carpinelli - President of Dogpatch Neighborhood & Graphic Designer:
  4. Kam Po Chan (RC) - My Boss
  5. Yolanda Chan - Colleague
  6. Elizabeth Char - Artist & Radio Broadcaster:
  7. Malia Cohen - Friend & Distrtict 10 Supervisor - Office of Supervisor Malia Cohen
  8. Jennifer Fallin - Coffee Partner & Friend
  9. Christina Fetyko - Colleague & Artist & Dynamic Storyteller & Singer/Actor
  10. Sharon Gallagher-Rivera - Best Friend/Dancer/Mommie-to-be/ &
  11. Leonard James - Friend & Awesome Landscape Photographer
  12. R. James - Friend & Author -
  13. Wes Knott - Friend
  14. Claudia Lomeli - Elementary Friend
  15. Cat Lopez - Colleague & 2013 graduate CSU East Bay
  16. Danielle McHugh - Colleague
  17. Liz Novoa - Friend
  18. Stephanie O'Keefe - Best Friend
  19. Deanna Orsot - Best Friend
  20. Kit Parker - Great Boss, Friend
  21. Maile Sandridge - Best Friend & Voice-Over Talent Extraordinaire
  22. Philip Schwartz - Dogpatch Neighbor
  23. Michael Shannon - Friend
  24. Tameez Sunderji - Dogpatch Neighbor
  25. M. Watkins - Friend
  26. R. Watkins - Friend
  27. Patsy Williams-Baysmore - Friend


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