17th Week with Team Challenge Crohn's & Colitis of America

I must say I have made a serious commitment to run for a cure this year! We have reached our 17th week of training and I must say, it has been a great training! I have learned about what Crohn's & Colitis is and how many people have it in the US. I am so blessed not to have it, but am willing to run to find a cure.

I ran this afternoon 4 miles around the Panhandle near the Golden Gate Park area. In the weeks of training I have felt pretty darn good yet today was a bit challenging. As a runner, you have to listen to your body. I pace myself and never rush into things. However, today my left foot felt a bit strained. I'm currently icing it, using a ball to stretch out the muscles.

The countdown begins now! I'm less than four weeks away running the half-marathon in lovely Napa to Sonoma areas. Like I said before, I have never run in this area (Big Sur is one of my favorite areas) but have thought about it for a very long time. The time has come now to accomplish that goal.

The challenging part of this whole training hasn't been the training believe it or not. We have excellent coaches, mentors and endurance managers. They listen, crack jokes, have a beer together, and support one another along the training. The challenging part for me is raising the funds. I'm not one to ask anyone for money and I tell ya, I have had sleepless nights because I'm trying to figure out how to reach my goal. I have GuestBartend in which between three of us, we raised $529! I volunteered at the Neon Run at Candlestick Park to earn $50 towards my goal last month and have reached out to my closest friends and neighbors.

To help donate towards my fundraising campaign follow this link:


I plan to organize a post-run event as a Thank You, Party, Meet & Mingle and Just Because...so stay tuned as I will work out the details...

Thank you to the current donations from:
Mary O'Brien
R. & B. Watkins
Mr. Huey
Monique Orsot


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