August 29 Writing Entry
Hello there readers,
Well, I think I have my Tumblr profile up to par now. Managing different social media platforms keeps me pretty much engaged. 
I have my own blog with Blogger at I actually want a better website where I’m able to put all of my best photos and short video clips.
I Tweet yet I find it tough to tweet three times a day (they say to Tweet often). I have Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Flicker. I guess I do need to get Pinterest. That would be next. 
Now that I have all of that, uncertain on what direction I’m going with all my photos, comments, posts and information I share. By doing all of this, will I get a new job? I hope so. 
You can say I am showcasing my capabilities and dynamics as an artist, writer, community supporter, and photographer. I love being involved with my community neighborhood association. I enjoy being on the board of my association. What’s great is I learn so much and I can voice my concerns and share my opinions. I love attending various events of my interest. I have hosted several different events and the most recent was host a book release party for a first time mystery author, R. Franklin James "The Fallen Angels Book Club". 
The different things and projects I’ve recently worked on are on-call photo projects, online class at Stanford University, Webinar workshops from how to be a better email marketer (it was free, I thought to do it) to knowing the upcoming changes for Better Mid-Market projects. All of these events pretty much take place in San Francisco however, I have ventured out to Santa Clara for a sports networking event. 
You can say I like to keep busy and try to stay active in all sorts of things so I can stay current with new projects, events, news and other. I do this all on my own to keep busy because I do enjoy it. I enjoy writing (long form too, which I do daily in the morning) and blogging.
Meantime, I appreciate you reading this far. Comments, feedback (constructive or not) welcomed. 


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