Farewell Candlestick Season 2013 49ers vs. Packers

San Francisco, California

With less than 25 seconds left on the clock, I'm happy with today's game. 49ers 34 Packers 28

NFL Football is here. I am super excited about this season in hopes 49ers make it back again to the SuperBowl, but this time win it. 

49ers play the Greenbay Packers in Game 1 as we say #FarewellCandlestick Park. I plan to photograph 49er home games in and around the city.  I was up early and went out to photograph anything I found 49er. Since I live in Dogpatch, I walked half way down on Third Street to Evans. Hopped on the T Train towards Visitation Valley.

Here are some photos. Enjoy. Go Niners! 


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