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From the Archives: "Not Just Another Love Story"

a San Francisco Poem 

written by vanessa ross aquino/dated July 2009

Not Just Another Love Story

Sunshine in my life
As soon as I see San Francisco Bay

Driving on the Bay Bridge
City Skyline
TransAmerica Pyramid
555 California Building
Coit Tower
The Embarcadero Buildings
In the background 
curvaceous hills stands
Sutro Tower on Twin Peaks

The city 
lights up my life
So beautiful and breathtaking
I can write a song
one can see over the hills on the west
fog blankets over Twin Peaks
rolls over Noe Valley 
never reaching Potrero Hill 
where the sun is at its best

The hands that built this city
where are they today?
to thank, appreciate them for all they’ve done 
to this city

Good Lord 
The city is alluring 
You got something I like 
glisten and shine
The New Millennium Tower
The St. Regis Building
The Westfield Mall
Mt. Davidson just south of Twin Peaks

Window rolled down, wind blowing in my face
as the sun shines
and sets over the pacific coast
twilight shimmers throughout the city
sunset reflections off the window from many different buildings
City Hall
Palace Of Fine Arts
The Ferry Building

Day or Night
I hear the busy streets, can you hear the busy streets?
music blasting out of a passing car
“l-o-w  r-i-d-e-r, t-a-k-e  i-t  l-t-t-l-e  h-i-g-h-e-r”
The F-Line Trolley on Market Street
the click-clack of a woman’s heel running for the bus and out of time
A latino stands at the train station
to give you a free Examiner newspaper

I see Coit Tower standing strong and proud
across the way the beautiful Historic Ferry Building
It’s Saturday morning
busy with people shopping at the famous Farmer’s Market
Tomatoes, flowers, wine, cheese and the aroma of coffee lingers

and sometimes tea

Day or Night
this is my home 
This city is sassy
This city has something I like
It brings me sunshine in my life
I can write a book 
and if I could
I would wrap my arms around this city 

~vanessa ross aquino


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