indogpatch: Dogpatch Warriors has a nice RING to it: Meet you...

Today is a good day! Lot's going on in our beautiful and amazing city! 

I am thrilled to share with you my friend and neighbor Scott R. Kline blog post hot out of the press today! 

I'm humming in my head: I am a Warrior! Hahaha

Kidding aside...I am a proud San Franciscan. I really do enjoy being involved in my community, active, support my fellow neighbors and business folks because without the above, nothing will get done. We work together no matter what our differences are. The common goal is to communicate to make things happen. Therefore, I am in support of our Bay Area Team to move to Mission Bay or like some like to call it: Dogpatch Flats! People will want to explore this side of town and perhaps move here, too! After all, we are a CITY where things are moving and shaking all the time. 

Enjoy the read:  indogpatch: Dogpatch Warriors has a nice RING to it: Meet you...: Three Dogpatch residents who support the new Golden State Warriors Arena in Mission Bay pose at the site which is at 16th and 3rd in San F...


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