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Glad it's Thursday evening. This week each day has been different. As my friends know, I'm a 49er fan at heart, yet I love to go to sporting events especially football and baseball. On Monday, NFL celebrated yet another Monday Night Football live broadcast from Oakland, California. Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers and unfortunately, Raiders lost to Chargers 14-22. I wanted Oakland to win since they did pretty bad last season. It appears they look the same. Hopefully this next game on Sunday, they show improvement against the Miami Dolphins. That was Monday. Tuesday, it was our Dogpatch Neighborhood Association Meeting. I bring my laptop and blog the agenda. I think more and more people come to our DNA meetings as Dogpatch is a hot commodity these days. Big developers coming to build condos, apartments, Kaiser Hospital to be near UCSF (their competition) and other businesses. The meeting is usually held between 7pm-9pm, but it went past 10-15 minutes. I was tired since