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Friday Night in Dogpatch

It's a really good night knowing I've had two Gilberth's Winegarita, a Camarones Fritos (Masa Batter, spiced tamarind sauce), Lechuga asada, grilled little gem lettuce, bacon vinaigrette, manchego cheese and lastly, Camote frito - sweet potato fries. I'm pretty content. The beverage is making me happy. 

One would think, I would be out and about on this amazing weekend in San Francisco, but I'm with my laptop and having a good ol' time here at Gilberths Rotisserie on Third Street. 

I'm very proud to be a native San Franciscan. I take pride. My friends take pride as well. It's a great time to be originally from here during this weekend. We have about 6 different events taking place this weekend in addition, San Francisco is rated one of the top cities in the US, again.  

  1. Fleet Week 
  2. San Francisco Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds Playoffs
  3. Bluegrass Festival
  4. Castro Festival
  5. San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills
  6. America's Cup 
I'm with my laptop tonight to look for something new, career wise. I'm ready for something different. The work I'm looking for is social media related where I can perhaps blog, talk about my neighborhood, or other neighborhoods, like La Mission, Excelsior, or anywhere in the city. After all, I know this city. I'm also working on two projects, one, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, the importance of being involved in your neighborhood community, the benefits of being involved, etc., and two gathering filmmakers to watch a screening of "Side by Side" Keanu Reeves host this documentary which investigates the history, process and work flow of both digital and photochemical film creation. My goal is to get filmmakers, artists, friends to come to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to watch the film and have a post discussion. I'm working on the details of the post events. I want to do this to show and tell the film industry business there is an interest here in SF! 

Go Giants! Go Niners! Go A's! Fleet Week hooray! USA for America's Cup!


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